New album “Convenient God” was released on the 5th of February!


New album “Convenient God” was released on the 5th of February on FONO LTD.

For those who survived the end of the world along with New Year’s and Christmas’s celebrations… On the 05 of February, on the dawn of a new era Fono prepares to erupt on the face of the Earth yet another creation of a talented Voronezh band “Skyfall” under an ambiguous title “Convenient God”. Continuing an old tradition guys also made this album conceptual. Sound came out irreproachably produced, the team have improved their musical skills, which had an impact on the quality of their playing and the final audio recording. The graphical design supports the sound conveying the respective mood. Right from the first chords you submerge in an oppressive atmosphere seeking for redemption that cloaks you with dark wreaths of smoke. It is hard to breath and time seems to cease. All that is left are a hurricane hailstorm of drums, guitars and a harrowing voice of the lead singer resembling sounds of agony of a dying god…

- Convenient God –
1. Idol
2. Avoid Hell
3. De Profundis Domine
4. Hell On Earth
5. Ball of Insanity
6. Azazel
7. Seal Of Time
8. Unnamed
9. Ode To Human
10. Their Will Is Torn
11. Convenient God
12. Reign of Twiligh   promo



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