Oh wanderer treading your path to the halls of metal!
Sit here and rest from the hardships of the road and heed our words!

Deep in the forges of mother Russia
A new batch of metal is being forged
Bellows are ready and the furnace is hot
Now to cast this shiny steel
Bring your dies and muscles
Raise your hammers, metal brothers
We need YOUR help to mold a new CD
Show your support to us!
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What We Need & What You Get

We have a deep respect for our fans and feel that we should share any information that is related to our art. That is why we openly list every item that all money that we get will be spent on. Below is a list with descriptions of what we need your support for:

Audio Recording Crew and Equipment
Studio Time
Graphics and Artwork
Perk Rewards

If we receive more than we expect (how nice that would be!) that money will go towards recording a new music video and a tour all over Europe/America.


So, here you can check all goods that you can get:

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Other Ways You Can Help

If you don’t feel that you have the ability to contribute to our campaign, but still want to help us – we would highly appreciate it if you spread the word and share information about us with your mates!

Thank you!

We’ll be pleased to see you at our gigs!

Keep supporting metal!

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